Step {SEQ} initial batch

Hi everyone the STEP{SEQ} is out there! The first 25 of 100 are out and about from Portland, to Costa Rica, to Berlin. I’m enjoying getting a lot of positive feedback, and a few changes! I will have supplies available until the first 100 are gone. At that point there may be a few months down for re-design / re-supply.

The next update (soon!) will be video on this site / youtube. PDF instructions are now available and the manual is shipping with the units. The patch librarian / firmware updater is almost done and will be available for download (OSX 10.7+ only, sorry I don’t want to exclude old computers and when I figure it out I’ll make a legacy version available).

Lots of new ideas going into development here, including a new pedal, iPad app, and possibly a foray into Eurorack modules.

SS 512

512 Clone based on hard work on PCB dev from Jens Junkurth (Eisen Audio), op-amps from Brazil, and my typical iron from Cinemag. Sold out (did 20 of these).


Step Seq v1







$349 with power supply, $329 BYO 1-spot.


This was a short run of LA-2A clones based on Silent:Arts DIY PCB with T4B cells from Drip Electronics

Completed in August 2009, one left for sale contact if interested.